Sunrise in One Blackfriars 

Common Ground 2019

Common Ground was an exhibition of paintings by Benjamin Hope and Andrew Roberts. It ran from 8 to 16 November 2019 at Gallery Different in London. The catalogue is still available to buy and is also online.


Works 2017

BH Works exhibitionWorks was a joint exhibition with paintings by Benjamin shown alongside the work of sculptor Ben Hooper. It ran from 16 to 23 June 2017 at Gallery Different in London. 




Works private viewBenjamin's part of the show comprised 56 paintings of London and 5 portraits. Almost all were painted directly from life but there were also a couple of much larger studio paintings that were developed from plein air studies. According to Benjamin, "working from life is my modus operandi—I love the immediacy, the time pressure, and the liveliness of the result—but I also enjoyed creating the large studio paintings. They're not just straightforward enlargements; they're more like an exploration of how a more complex layering of paint can help evoke the light and atmosphere of the moments I originally captured painting outdoors".

The exhibition catalogue is online and hard copies are available on request.


Observations 2015

Observations windowBenjamin's debut solo show, Observations, ran from 12th to 25th November 2015 at the JP Art Gallery in London. It consisted of 79 paintings featuring London, Oxford, Cambridge and further afield, along with some still life and the self portrait that was short-listed for the 2015 Ruth Borchard Prize.


Observations opening nightThe exhibition catalogue is online and hard copies are available on request.