Paint Tubes #1
Earthenware with Mirror
Four Bottles
Metal Churn with Plastic Bottles
Earth, Metal, Glass, Plastic
Metal Receptacles #1
Earthenware #2
Earthenware #1
Old Metal Kettle #2
Sarah's Mugs #3
Old Metal Kettle
Mug, Jug, Kitchen Paper
Sarah's Mugs #2
Sarah's Mugs #1
Heather Cottage Crockery #1
Sea Shells #1
Palette Knife Calculus
New Mediums #1
New Mediums #2
Cadmium Rood Donker
Cooking Pot with Eggs
Grandma's Teacup
Jack The Lid
Divide and Conker
Eggs in Wax Paper
The Cape Gooseberry (Physalis)
Show Me the Way to Tamarillo
Teacups in the Financial Times
Pinot Noir
Lindt 70%
Jar (Bonne Maman) of Used Turpentine
Red Teapot
Bathroom Windowsill
Still Life with Cox Apples and The Financial Times
English Cox Apples in Five Parts
English Discovery
Small Bowl of Strawberries
Flour and Eggs
Duke Humfrey, Bodleian Library Commission
Pears Preserved in the BMJ
Old Violin
Old Boots