Blackheath from Lee Road (detail)
Sun Begins to Hide, Bembridge Harbour
Duke Humfrey (detail 02)
Old Boots (detail)
Ryde Esplanade
Late Night with Palette Knife
Rose Crescent April Evening
StPancras from Kings Cross
Adelphi to Vaudeville
Old Violin (detail 01)
Sunrise from Waterloo Bridge (detail)
Threadneedle Street Summer (detail)
Postbox and Broadcasting House, Regent Street
Eggs in Wax Paper (detail)
Royal Exchange Rush Hour Chaos (detail)
London Bridge Series - Sunset
New Season English Discovery Apple
New Cross Gate Station (detail)
Teacups in the FT (detail 01)
Tranquil Vale Heat Wave
English Cox in 5 Parts (detail)
Tower Bridge from London Bridge
Dolphin Street, Port Isaac, 8AM (detail)
Union Street, Ryde
The Physalis (detail)
HMS Belfast, September (detail)
First Evening in Port Isaac (detail)
Painting in My Hoodie (detail 02)
Jack the Lid (detail 02)
Nelsons Pavement 2
Upper Street Sleet at Dusk (detail)
Late Night Reflections
Threadneedle June Afternoon
Jack the Lid (detail 01)
Clapham Common East Corner
Duke Humfrey (detail 01)
Bins and Blue Skies, Camberwell
Clapham Juntion from Lavender Hill
Vaudeville to Adelphi
Penzance Promenade Sunset
Looking West Along Queen
Greenwich at Lunchtime (detail)
Painting in My Hoodie (detail 01)
Westminster Abbey 4
Old Violin (detail 02)
Tower Bridge from London Bridge Pier (detail)
New Routemasters Threadneedle
Late Morning at Bus Stop E, Blackheath Village (detail)
Lavender Hill Mob
Westminster Cathedral
St Paul
Kings Road Contre Jour


Benjamin Hope is a London-based figurative artist.